About us

INDOMINUS ADVANCED SOLUTIONS is an integral project management company. It comprises professionals with extensive experience and continuous training in engineering, computational simulation and R&D projects.

We are strongly focused on clients, trying to provide advanced solutions through a multidisciplinary team with a proven track record in all the stages involved in an engineering project.

Extent of activity

We offer our advice and technical capabilities to public and private clients. We collaborate with them in the different proccesses of design and execution of projects and constructions. Contact us to know more about how we can help you to promote your project.

Numerical simulation is the computational technique that allows to PREDICT the outcomes of a system under certain operating conditions. Formally, the governing equations describing the physics of the system are solved using numerical methods implemented in a computer.

Thus, the technique is based on a mathematical model that describes the real world as accurate as possible. The solution of the model gives an answer to the set-out questions.

By means of numerical simulation, a system can be OPTIMISED depending on constraints and previously defined variables.

Among the main advantages of simulation, it is interesting to remark:

  • Time-savings linked to manufacturing and prototype testing.
  • Costs reduction
  • Easily optimisation of the system under certain operating conditions
  • Possibility of carrying out experiments unapproachable in real life conditions

At INDOMINUS, we are curious and restless professionals. We are convinced that innovation and digital transformation are the cornerstones for companies of the future's success. Therefore, we aim to boost your projects and help you face this challenge. We accompany our clients to shape their ideas to convert them into new products or services.

If you have a disruptive project and you are planning to make it real and launching it to the market, do not hesitate to contact us. We shall share with you the pathway of funding search, technical development, economic management and stakeholders' agreements.
Our experienced engineers are able to help in the numerous stages of your project, including the following:
  • Consulting and Integral Management of projects and constructions:
    • Draft and projects writing
    • Site management
  • Management and Communications with public administration
  • Development of technical reports
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Advice in welding processes and homologation
  • CE mark for metal structures
  • Legal expert reports
  • Structures (metal and mixed)
    • Industrial factories
    • Ship-building
  • Installations
    • Electric
    • Fluids
    • Mechanical

Our clients

INDOMINUS feels very proud of having the opportunity to work with the following entities (among others):


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